Why Hire Us?

Selecting a Wedding Photographer is probably the most important and possibly the most difficult decision you will make for your wedding. Unfortunately, little in life prepares you for selecting an excellent photographer.

It is helpful if you break down the selection process into sections. When selecting a photographer for your wedding you should consider what the 4 P's - PortfolioPersonalityProfessionalism, and Price.

Portfolio - obviously you want great memories from your wedding, so making sure that you like the photographers portfolio. You want to look at not just the photographers "cherry picked" images but also multiple full weddings. Looking at albums from multiple weddings will allow you to see if the photographer gets great images from start to finish of the wedding, and if the photographer can tell a story with the images.  I have posted up multiple albums for you to review, along with my "cherry picked" images, as well as my Artistic images.

Personality - Most people under estimate the importance of the photographer's personality and demeanor.  On the day of your wedding, you probably spend more time with the photographer than your fiance.  The last thing you want is a pushy, nervous, obnoxious photographer following (or leading) you around all day.  Read what my clients have to say. Endorsements

Professionalism - This encompasses many things, from how you are treated by the photographer - do they return your email and phone calls promptly - to how does the photographer run their business, and in fact is it their full time occupation.

Photography is my business - As such my entire life depends on getting you the best images. I don't have a different job Monday-Friday.  I am a registered business with the state of Washington and I carry one million dollars of liability insurance - which protects you in case something should happen to me or one of your guests while I'm shooting your wedding.

I have professional level safety for your wedding images. Safety

I train regularly as a photographer - I know that sounds a little odd, but things are always changing and I need to stay current and fresh. I dedicate 6-12 days a year where I actually pay to attend training with other photographers. 

I compete in professional print competitions - this helps me perfect my photography, because my images will be judged by a panel of 6 professional photographers - and they miss nothing when judging images.  So, when I go to make prints for you I apply the knowledge I've gained by having my prints judged to perfecting your prints.  Also, attending these competitions allows me to see images from photographers all over the world. This is helpful because I get to see emerging styles of photography.  Not doing this condemns a photographer, and their clients, to the same old thing they have been shooting for years or in some case decades.

I use professional equipment, not consumer equipment. And my backup equipment is the same as my primary equipment. This insures that your images are the same throughout your wedding.

Read more about equipment and why it is important

Price - Ah price! Many couples make their decision purely on price, not because it is the most important thing, but because it is the "easiest" thing to compare.  Watch what can happen when price is the highest concern.

If all photographers were equally talented, professional, and their personalities were all the same then price would be a good way to decide who to hire. Fortunately not all photographers are the same, so price plays a smaller part.

Use the first three items Portfolio, Personality, and Professionalism to narrow down your search and then use Price as a deal breaker - realizing that it better to stretch your photo budget a little to get a great photographer and great images, rather than save a few dollars.

Spending too much is wasteful, Spending too Little is Foolish! 

Remember you can get prints and albums months or even a years after the wedding, however, if you try to save a few dollars and the photographer doesn't capture the great images that you want, you will never have them - no matter how much you spend after the wedding.