Professional Photographers ???

You have plenty of choices when choosing a wedding photographer, and all will claim to be Professional photographers, but be wary, there are many photographers who will do your wedding cheaply who don't follow professional processes for protecting your wedding memories, and that could end up costing you dearly.
See the KOMO news story below.

Sadly, this couple thought they were saving some money and hiring a pro, however it turns out all they got for "savings" was grief, and no wedding images.

Unlike the "pro photographer" in this story, a true professional will back up your images to multiple hard disks in different locations, preferably on to RAID systems that can withstand a hard disk failure

At Heston Weddings, immediately after your wedding I save your precious images on 3 separate RAID systems and an additional 2 hard disk that are kept in two different locations - insuring that your wedding memories are safe.
In 20+ years of shooting I have not lost a single image!