Photographic Style

There is a lot of talk about photographic styles. Couples want to know if my style is Traditional, Contemporary, Photojournalistic, Artistic, Emotional, or ..... the answer is simple - Yes - it is all these and more.

Styles are always evolving. My photography is a blend of everything I've seen, learned, experienced, photographed, and imagined. I started with traditional wedding photography over 20 years ago and since then I have been influenced in a multitude of way and by a vast number of other great photographers both wedding and non-wedding. On the day of the wedding I am heavily influenced by the location of the wedding, the mood of the wedding party (conservative or playful), and most importantly by the personality and desires of the Bride and Groom.

Bottom Line is that describing photographic style is like describing wine, it is a fun intellectual exercise, however it doesn't change the taste of the wine. That's why I encourage you to look at samples of my work - online or in person. On the site you will find a variety of samples under the Portfolio link at the top.

I'd like to have you start with Favorites - this is were I post of some of my current favorite images. These are great images or great moments and these images may not win print awards... except in the hearts of my couples.

Next are my Signature Albums - These show you my wedding work - from start to finish, but mostly these show you the personality of the bride and groom whose album it is. That is because I personally design each album is around the bride and groom and the images from their wedding.

Artistic Images - This is were photography melds with Art. These are images that have been heavily "worked" to enhance the mood of the moment or to create a completely different mood purely from my imagination. Most of these images are for client albums, but a few are created for competition. Competing keeps me in touch with trends in photography and it sharpens my skills and peaks my creativity.

So please peruse my portfolio on this site and if you like what you see, contact me about your wedding.


bride and groom crossing street in rain