I have posted 4 aspects to my portfolio here on the site.

Signature Albums - These are a few of my recent album designs. This is where you want to focus your time when evaluating photographers. Albums show you if the photographer is consistent from Getting Ready to Grand Exit for the wedding... or if the photographer even gives complete coverage from start to finish. In looking at albums keep in mind that the albums are designed for the couple and no one else, so it may reflect more about the couple's taste than the photographer's skill or style.

Artistic Images - This is were Photography and Art meld. These unique works of Art combine a great photograph with my artistic vision. Sometimes this means adding something, or taking something away, darkening or lightening parts of the image, or creating a painting with individual brush strokes an image.

Award Winning Images - These are some of my images that have recently been given awards by my peers and competitors.

Favorites - These a some of my favorite images from recent weddings and engagement sessions.? These will give you a nice ride through wonderful, emotional, and touching images.

Monitor Evaluation - an important part of viewing images on the web is how well you monitor represents the quality of the on screen image. On a poorly adjusted monitor even the best images will look bad.

Grooms men walking