Wedding Negatives/Files

Most of my wedding packages include the Negatives.

The primary reason that photographers want to keep control of the Negatives is because it insures the quality of the prints made from our work.

First and foremost I want to insure that you recieve the very best prints. I also want to insure that the prints made from our images reflect the same high quality standards the I hold myself to as a professional photographer.

As a pro photographers I have a vested interest in the quality of the prints, because the printed images will forever reflect on us as a photographer.

When people see images from your wedding:

Great prints = Great Photography
Bad prints = Bad Photography

Which is why I want to make sure that you have only the very best prints from the images I shoot?

When I print your images I start by making sure that each image is properly color balanced and then retouched before going to the lab. When prints return from my pro lab, I review them to make sure they are up to my standards, if they're not, they get sent back for reprinting.

This helps to insure that you receive only quality prints from your wedding images, and that I keep my reputation as a quality photographer.