The question of Color vs. B&W for your wedding is purely a question of personal taste. Since color film was introduced most wedding have been shot in color. However, since about 2004 B&W albums and mixed B&W and Color albums have grown in popularity.

With the advent of high quality professional digital cameras, there is no reason why you can't have it All. We shoot all images in color and then convert them to B&W, sepia, mixed color & B&W, and special artistic images based on the image and your desires.

Color photographs will display the flowers, decorations, food, and events of the day with the vibrancy that only color can capture. 

B&W photographs have a classic nostalgic look, and some images just look better in B&W. B&W can have clarity, simplicity, or frankness that you can't get with color. Note: Individual B&W prints are slightly more expensive than color, because there are no automated B&W printing facilities the prints are hand printed.

Sepia photographs are subset of B&W, these are B&W prints that are "toned" to have a warm brownish tone. Sepia images tend to have even more of a nostalgic look than B&W. 

Mixed Color and B&W photographs are hand tinted to let a little bit of the color of the image remain while the rest of the print is B&W or sepia. This is usually done to accent something of color.

Artistic images are created by taking the original image and through my skill and imagination transforming it into something completely different.