Infrared Images

Infrared images have a very specific, etheral, and dramatic look to them. They are not right for every situation, but when the situation is right nothing else comes close. The three images at the right were shot at the same time.

In the Infrared image to the right note how the water is dark, the vegetation is white, and how clear Mt Rainer is in the background. Then look at the image below it, a B&W image of the same wedding - note that the montain almost disappears and that the limage has much less impact.

Infrared images are made with a camera that is specially made and dedicated to recording Infrared light. This is a sizable investment in a camera that can only be used in certain situations. However when the conditions are right it will make an image that can't be made any other way. And I am dedicated to getting you the best images from your wedding even if that means carrying a camera that only gets used a few times at year.

Infrared Wedding Image at Lake WildernessInfrared - note white grasses at the lake side, the dark water, and the clarity of Mt Rainier.

B&W Image
B&W - note Mt Rainer is almost completely blocked by haze, the lake is light and the plants are dark.

Color vs Infrared Wedidng Image
Color image from the wedding at Lake Wilderness