Wedding Album Design

If you are considering getting an album as part of your wedding package, there are some things that I do differently that are a great benefit to you.

First off, I design your wedding album personally.  I was there, I saw what happened, I know the people from your wedding, I shot the images - Who better to put together a book to tell the story of your wedding. 

Many photographers outsource their album design, which means that someone who you've never met and may not even be in this country will design your album.

I hand design your album based on your wedding, images, and personality.  I don't use pre-built templates or album design software that will limit the creativity. I can use to choose and place your images to best tell the story and fit the pages.

Many photographers and most outsourcing companies use pre-made templates because it is faster, and they care about how many albums they design, not the quality of the album.

I pre-select the images and pre-design your album, then I present the album to you for your approval and changes.  This saves you a tremendous amount of time.  You don't have to pick from thousands of images and narrow it down to a few for the album. You can always change the images that I have selected, but that is much easier once you see the images in an album design. 

Wedding Album Design