Bride and Groom at Kerry Park overlooking Seattle
Bride and Groom at Kerry Park overlooking Seattle

Heston Wedding Photography

Welcome to Heston Wedding Images home to exceptional wedding photography

Heston Wedding Photography provides beautiful award winning wedding photography for the the greater Seattle area as well as the state of Washington, and beyond.

My goal is to provide you with the most beautiful, creative, and natural images possible from your wedding accompanied by the very best service to make photography a breeze for your wedding.

Exceptional Photography

Hopefully you’ve come to this site because you are interested in great artistic wedding images.  If you want to get fantastic photos from your wedding then you have come to the right place.  Marv Heston is one of the top wedding photographers in the Seattle area. 

Getting Great Photos from your wedding

One of the things I'd like you to know is; that hiring a great wedding photographer does not automatically give you great images, it greatly improves the chances, but it does not guarantee amazing photos.  If you want incredible wedding photos then you have to participate!  I know that this sounds a little corny, but great wedding photos come from combining great a wedding photographer and a great couple.  Your part is relatively simple, you need to do four things, one, communicate what kind of images you want, two, you need to plan on enough time during the wedding day to make great images, three, on the day of the wedding you need to be yourselves, and four, you need to have fun on your wedding day. More on getting Great Wedding Photo

Location, Location, Location!

Because this is the internet I can only guess where your wedding might be, so I want you to know that I do photograph weddings all over the world. Recently I photographed weddings in London, Boston, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, islands in the San Juan chain and all over the state of Washington. It's actually surprisingly affordable to have me for your destination wedding, so if you love my photography let's talk about what it would take for me to be your wedding photographer.
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